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Blue Planet DNA Corporation, the makers of Shark Sneeze (TM) repellent now offers DogSneeze (TM), the single most effective dog repellent and dog defense on the market. Our product will not injure a dog but will create a great sense of discomfort and cause the dog to flee. Our product not only irritates the dog's smell and taste receptors, but triggers a great sense of distress, causing the dog to immediately react and flee after smelling DogSneeze. You might even see the dog sneezing. Once a dog encounters DogSneeze, it will remember and will not return to the area.

Dog Sneeze Logo TM Our competition claims they tested other products and they are the best. They have not tested DogSneeze. Our competiton claims to have the most active ingredient without ever telling you what that ingredient is, much less how much "most" actually is. Our competition clams to be "all natural." If you were going to eat it or feed it to your own dog, "all natural" would be good -- in theory. We are talking about a dog repellent and we can assure you there is nothing natural about DogSneeze,. (We exaggerate as the various forms of pepper we use are certainly natural but much more concentrated then you will find in nature.)

DogSneeze is a combination of chemicals similar in some respects to our Shark Sneeze shark repellent but with the nastier stuff like aluminum metal flakes taken out. Dog Sneeze is also formulated to be effective on all dogs, even in a heated state of attack.

Unlike the competition, DogSneeze will kill dog scents. For example, if you have a problem spot where dogs sniff around and then like to pee or poop, after the application of DogSneeze, those are the last things they will want to do. DogSneeze is only recommended for outdoor use.

DogSneeze bottle DogSneeze will effectively kill all other scents. After getting a whiff of DogSneeze, the dog will not be smelling much of anything else for a few hours. The "all natural" dog repellents primarily use citrus juice which is not effective on all dogs. The product "Halt" uses a pepper spray much like mace and consumer pepper spray. "Halt" has only 5 percent pepper, the same as consumer pepper spray so it is the same thing, just with different labeling and marketing. DogSneeze also uses pepper, but we use multiple kinds in large concentrations and we use a proprietary pepper that is the hottest in the world with over 1 million scovil degrees. However, we do not rely upon pepper alone... far from it.

In addition, why pay for water and shipping a product that is diluted 95 percent? DogSneeze is a highly concentrated powder that you can mix yourself and use in a $1 spray bottle you can get from the Dollar Store. You can apply it directly to the ground and problem areas, or shake it out at an angry dog.

DogSneeze comes in a small pill sized bottle that is easy to carry. DogSneeze is shipped to you well sealed and will remain effective unopened for many years or decades to come. Even opened, it has a shelf life of many years.

DogSneeze also kills mold, odor causing and other bacteria plus it repells and kills insects, so it is ideal to use on dog feces inconsiderate dog owners leave on or near your property. Allow it to remain in place and the next dog to come along will get a very nasty surprise. Ideal for creating a boundary line that dogs, cats and other critters will not pass. Long lasting in most conditions. Will survive light to moderate rain events.

DogSneeze should be kept out of the hands of children and handled with care by adults.

Unlike the competition we tell you up front what ingredients are used in DogSneeze.

DogSneeze ingredients include: sodium lauryl sulfate, sulfur, hot chili pepper, Haitai hot pepper powder, proprietary hot pepper powder, cupric acetate, and denitouium benzoate; the most bitter substance known to man. (Proprietary Hot Peppers -- which we process in our in-house lab -- are shown in a photo to the right.)

hot peppers used in Dog Sneeze Mixing: To use as a liquid spray, mix one bottle of DogSneeze Powder with one to five gallons of water, depending upon on how concentrated you would like the spray to be. We recommend two gallons of water for a strong spray.

Emergency: In case of contact with mucus membranes, eyes and hands, rise with plenty of cold water. Medical attention is not required unless you have an unknown reaction to an ingredient or if severe discomfort persists. Use safety precautions while handling as you would pepper spray and similar products. Eye, nose protection and gloves are recommended when handling Dog Sneeze. Pepper Spray itself is an oil and DogSneeze is a dry powder. However, in both cases, baby shampoo and similar products will be useful.

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